Service Inclusions

  • Title Searching
  • Title Re-establishments
  • Subdivisions
  • As Constructed Plans
  • Feature Surveys
  • Building Setouts
  • Construction Controls
  • Volume Calculations
  • Control Surveys
  • Mapping
  • Infrastructure Surveying

Vineyard Surveying

As specialists in wine industry-related surveying, Wayne Mitchell Surveying has been providing surveyor services to vineyard clients, predominantly within Victoria's Yarra Valley, since the early 1990's.

vineyard surveyors MelbourneWe are able to perform all types of wine industry surveying such as boundary, construction surveys, control surveys, feature surveys, mapping, building set-outs and contour surveys using our state of the art equipment to provide highly accurate and efficient surveying solutions and results.

Captured data can be uploaded directly to client databases and can then be used in a range of end-use applications including GIS, database generation, 3D modelling software or a range of digital mapping packages.

Our industry knowledge, experience and expertise, combined with our use of latest technologies, ensures our ability to deliver results for all sizes of vineyard projects to specification, on budget and on schedule.

The predominant wine growers in the Yarra Valley have all used WMS for their surveying needs, including the relocation of dams, creation of new dams, creation of new vineyard rows, numbering of rows, boundaries and asset recording.

As De Bortoli, Yering Station and other wine industry clients in the Yarra Valley expand Wayne Mitchell Surveying assists them with the surveying services needed to accomodate their growth, such as the mapping out of new roads, the setting up of dams for water collection, the planning and development of new vineyard rows and the re-numbering of rows, and more.