Service Inclusions

  • Title Searching
  • Title Re-establishments
  • Subdivisions
  • As Constructed Plans
  • Feature Surveys
  • Building Setouts
  • Construction Controls
  • Volume Calculations
  • Control Surveys
  • Mapping
  • Infrastructure Surveying

Asset Recording

Since 1995 Wayne Mitchell Surveying has been assessing and recording assets for clients across a broad range of industry. We use state of the art equipment and processes to deliver highly accurate asset records directly to our clients.

construction asset recordingOur asset recording and mapping services include most forms of infrastructure, power poles, boundaries, pipelines, dams, bridges manhole covers etc. We record and map any asset whose location needs to be geographically referenced and recorded digitally.

Captured data can be uploaded directly to client databases and can then be used in a range of end-use applications including GIS, database generation, 3D modelling software or a range of digital mapping packages.

asset recording We have the expertise, technology and ability to deliver large-scale data capture projects to specification, on budget and on schedule.