Our Clients:

  • Councils
  • Shires
  • Water Authorities
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Development Companies
  • Wineries
  • Architects
  • Construction
  • Government

Asset Recording

  • Western Water - Arnolds Creek Estate, Melton
  • Locations and recording of water and sewer reticulation assets for in excess of 900 lots.

As Constructed Surveys

  • Melton Sewerage OutfallMonitoring of construction accuracy over 6 kms of 1350mm diameter sewerage outfall at grades of 1:1450 (in progress).  
  • Goulburn River to Broadford Pipeline24 kms of pipeline survey (in progress). 
  • Grantville PipelineAs constructed survey of 16.3 kms of water supply pipelines from Coronet Bay Bore to Candowie Reservoir. 
  • Melton Wastewater Treatment PlantMonitoring of accuracy of plant upgrade (in progress). 
  • Yarra Valley Water - PRV SitesAs constructed surveys and documentation of 25 installations including preparation of drawings.

Cadastral Surveys

  • Harrison Investments19 lot industrial subdivision in Melton. 
  • Western WaterBacchus Marsh Sewer Outfall - Creation of easement plans through 14 properties.
  • Gisborne Sewer Outfall - Creation of easement plans.
  • Melton South Sewer Outfall - Creation of easement plans. 
  • Rathbone Wine GroupCreation of electricity leases for new office / factory complex.

Construction Surveys

  • Melton Outfall SewerSurvey of 6km of Outfall Sewer ($14M project) with pipe sizes of 1350mm and grades of 1:1450.
  • Survey works included:
  • Installation of high precision bench marks for construction control
  • Strip Survey for project design
  • Construction Set Out
  • Monitoring of construction accuracy
  • As Constructed Surveys 
  • Ringwood South Branch SewerFeature survey for the design of 2.6 kms of outfall sewer in a sensitive location.
  • Included entry into 22 existing manholes complying with confined space entry requirements.  
  • Bacchus Marsh OutfallFeature and contour survey of existing conditions for duplication of sewerage outfall.  
  • Sunbury to Melton Recycled Water24 kms of strip survey for the design of a Recycled Water pipeline. 
  • Bulla to Sunbury Water Supply Main10.4 kms of strip survey for Watermain design.
  • As Constructed survey.

Drainage Scheme Surveys

  • Abigroup Contractors Pty Ltd
  • Melbourne to Geelong pipeline - As Constructed survey of 59 kilometres of water supply pipeline.
  • Sandgate / Lee Project
  • Feature survey of Beach Street and Davey Street Frankston for drainage design (2200 metres)
  • Samuel Sherlock Reserve - existing retardation basin survey
  • Jubilee Park - Site survey for upgrade of retardation basin. 
  • Treyvard Reserve, ChadstoneFeature and contour survey for retardation basin design. 
  • Banyan Reserve, Carrum DownsFeature and contour survey.
  • Construction set out of basin upgrade. 
  • Ballam Park, FrankstonFeature and contour survey for retardation basin design and drainage upgrade. 
  • Lee Street, FrankstonFeature and contour survey of retardation basin.

Earthworks Surveys

  • Reservoir C, WoodendComputations of earthworks volumes during the wall stabilisation program. 
  • Pierce Reservoir, GisborneComputations of earthworks volumes during the wall stabilisation program. 
  • Sunbury Wastewater Treatment PlantSludge Basin Volumes.

Feature and Contour Surveys

  • Western Water - Candowie Reservoir AugmentationSurveying associated with raising the Phillip Island water supply Reservoir by 3 metres. 
  • Candowie Reservoir (225 Mg)Full site survey for Reservoir Raising. 
  • Melton Wastewater Treatment PlantFull operational survey for plant upgrade. 
  • Silvan Water Treatment PlantSite survey for plant upgrade. 
  • Melton Water Treatment PlantFull operational survey of plant. 
  • Cowes Wastewater Treatment PlantFull operational survey of plant. 
  • Brushy Creek Sewerage Treatment PlantSite survey for plant upgrade. 
  • Sunbury Wastewater Treatment PlantFull site survey for plant upgrade. 
  • Marriages Basin, WoodendFull site survey of plant. 
  • Rosslynne Reservoir Water Treatment PlantFull operational survey of plant. 
  • Bacchus Marsh Water Treatment PlantFull site survey of plant.

Monitoring Surveys

  • Western Water Monitoring of land slip adjacent to the Orde Hill Reservoir at Mt. Macedon. 
  • DeBortoli WinesMonitoring of Yarra Valley vineyard major supply dam.

Reservoir Surveys

  • Westernport W. A.Candowie Reservoir (225mg) - full survey of reservoir including volume and height computations. 
  • Western WaterFeature and contour survey of 10 reservoirs across the district including Volume / Height computations.  
  • Melton Wastewater Treatment PlantFull surveys including Volume / Height computations of Winter Storage Lagoon 1 and Lagoon 2. 
  • Djerriwarrh Reservoir, MeltonFeature and contour survey including Volume / Height computations.

Water Industry Surveying Projects

  • Macedon Sewerage Scheme
  • Production of detail mapping over the Macedon township for sewer design purposes.
  • Construction Set Out and documentation of 33km of sewer reticulation and 12kms of sewer rising main.
  • "As Constructed" recording and documentation for the project. 
  • Flinders Sewerage Scheme
  • Strip surveys for 21 kms of sewer reticulation design in the Flinders township.
  • Strip survey of 16 kms of sewer rising main design from Balnarring to Flinders.
  • Western Water - Merrimu Water Treatment Plant
  • Site survey and preparation of plant operational plans.

Wine Industry Surveys

  • Treasury Wine Estates - Fernhill Vineyard Survey, redesign and set out of three fire damaged blocks.